Genomics Africa is a non-for-profit initiative that is working with key laboratories in Africa to provide affordable sequencing services to record Africas animal, plant and microbial biodiversity. We want to challenge the status quo and allow the genomics revolution to benefit Africa. Genomics Africa provides access to high-quality, output-driven, customer-centric and cost-effective genomics services in Africa. We aim to maximises returns gained from large national, continental and international investments into omics capacity to convert the wealth contained in Africa’s biological systems (human, plant, animal, other) into high level science that can drive local value.

Genomics laboratories participating in this initiative:

Researchers, public health officials, clinicians and conservation initiatives can already use our affordable DNA sequencing services at Genomics Africa and can contact us for help to design/fund research projects. We would also like to encourage funders and philanthropist to help to advance this initiative and allow the genomics revolution to benefit Africa as much it is benefiting other regions of the world!

Genomics Africa is an initiative of the KwaZulu-Natal Research Innovation & Sequencing Platform (KRISP) at UKZN and the DIPLOMICS network. DIPLOMICS is an initiative of the Department of Sciences and Technology (DST) with the vision of helping to make Africa a leading player in ‘omics’ based translational research and bio-economic development. It is part of the Department’s long-term SARIR (South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap) program.

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