New Technologies in Africa: High-Throughput and Affordable Sanger Sequencing Services in Africa

This equipment has 96 capillaries and it is able to sequence 2,500 amplicons a day. The novel model of the ABI3730xl is part of a new generation of Sanger Sequencers released in 2019. As part of the introduction, we are running a promotion of US$ 1.6 to US$5 per amplicon sequencing.

The service enables reliable genotyping of animals, plants and pathogens. The service can be accessed in three options. The Simple Service (US$ 1.6 per sequencing reaction) is available when sequencing reactions are provided by the client. The Basic Service (US$ 3) is performed when PCR purified products are provided. The Full Service (US$ 5) includes PCR purification and sequencing.


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Promotion Sanger Sequencing at Genomics Africa and KRISP, 1 July to 31 December 2019