Lifeblood: Joe the busker wears white face paint for the sidewalk stage. Durban CBD & Zebra skin, the perfect camouflage. Hluhluwe, KZN

Both subjects use some form of camouflage for survival.  

The zebra – its natural black and white stripes to blend-in, to confuse and protect against predators; the busker – his artificial face paint, to stand out and entertain on the streets and earn money to survive.

The creation and development of the Zebra’s stripes has been a far more lengthy, evolutionary process, one which scientists are still trying to understand.  Recent studies have concluded that the primary purpose of the Zebra’s stipes is not for predator evasion, but actually for thermoregulation. 

Animals use camouflage for a number of different tactics depending on their environment, ranging from protection against predators, to effective stalking and hunting tools.