Lifeblood: Pure white arum lilies, Durban Botanic Gardens & Wildfire in the hot bushveld, Hluhluwe

South Africa’s unique climate and topography give rise to broad vegetation zones in the country, and together with each of their associated animal life, they form diverse areas we refer to as biomes. 

There are nine classified biomes across the country, each offering unique opportunities to explore the natural specialties found within them.  These are the Fynbos Biome; Succulent Karoo Biome; Desert Biome; Nama-Karoo Biome; Grassland Biome; Savanna Biome; Albany Thicket Biome; Indian Ocean Coastal Belt and Forests.

Fire has played an important part in influencing and shaping the distribution of these biomes within South Africa.  The frequency of fire not only helps in regeneration (Fynbos Biome) but has also resulted in the dominance of the Grassland and Savanna Biomes in the central and eastern parts of South Africa.  Without fire, these grassland areas would be more densely populated with trees.

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