GENOMICS AFRICA FELLOW: Abdualmoniem Omer Abdalla Musa

Mr Abdualmoniem Omer Abdalla Musa is a lecturer in Medical Microbiology from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Kassala University, Sudan.

Mr Abdualmoniem Omer Abdalla Musa came to this fellowship at CERI at University of Stellenbosch to receive training in genomics sequencing and bioinformatics analysis for pathogens that are amplified by climate change.

Duration of the fellowship: 10 April 2023 to 21 April 2023.

Trained received: Hands-on sequencing on Illumina sequencing for viruses and bacterial genomes and bioinformatics analysis.

Fellowship sponsors: Rockefeller Foundation, Africa CDC, ASLM and Abbott Pandemic Defence Coalition (APDC)