About: Sequencing services for pathogens & personalised medicine

Full automation: from sample storage to high-throughput DNA sequencing services (from Pathogens to Human Genomes)

  • Short-read technology Illumina (NovaSeq, NextSeq, MiSeq)

llumina has developed high-throughput sequencing systems that produce high quality data, for varied mid-throughput or high-throughput applications including whole-genome sequencing (WGS), whole-transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq), exome sequencing, metagenomics (16S and ITS), targeted DNA resequencing and amplicon sequencing.

  • Long-read technology Oxford Nanopore Technology

The systems that we use (MinION and GRIDION) generates up to 250 gigabases (Gb) of sequence data. The portable sequencer produces ultra-long reads (tens to hundreds of kilobases (Kb) which enables the assembly and accurate characterisation of complete genomes, pathogen detection/microbiome analysis.

  • Sample collection and shipment service

As part of our field support, we offer sample collection regionally, nationally and internationally. For moreinformation about shipment and forå quotations suitableto your needs please contact us.

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