Short term Fellowships

Short term Fellowships (2 to 4 weeks) allow scientists to be based at CERI-Data, CERI-Tyger and CERI-KRISP in South Africa, ACEGID in Nigeria, and ILRI in Kenya for 2-4 weeks to attend a hands-on training program

In this program, dubbed the NGS academy and linked to the Africa PGI, participants will learn to produce and analyze data from their own samples.

We have already received fellows from Mozambique and Malawi in South Africa. We are already planning to send African scientists from over 12 countries to CERI. ACEGID has recently received fellows from 18 African countries, who received SARS-CoV-2 genomics training. Offered short term fellowships:

  • NGS sequencing on Illumina, Nanopore, and Ion Torrent technologies
  • Sanger sequencing for variant detection
  • Bioinformatics training, including genome assembly and phylogenetics
  • qPCR for variant detection

The Africa Genomics Fellowship funding will be used to host approximately 100 scientists at CERI-Data, CERI-Tyger, CERI-KRISP, ACEGID, and ILRI for applied short- or long-term fellowships that focus on building the skills necessary to support stronger national genomic surveillance programs, thus strengthening broader, Sub-Saharan African efforts for genomic surveillance. 

Our vision is to keep introducing new and affordable technologies on the continent, providing access to high-level equipment and genomics services, funding key projects and to capacitate African scientists. As previously mentioned, we are also looking for more international funders, biotech and pharmaceutical companies and philantropists that want to contribute to our efforts. Researchers and funders can already use the genomics services at Genomics Africa and are free to contact us for a quote or for help to design/fund your project.

Below are some of our fellows:

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